Guide to our options

The table below specifies the options available on our product page.

Fastener type


Male threaded fastener.


Female threaded fastener. The fastener is ‘blind’, i.e. the hole does not go all the way through the fastener.

Base plate

Base plates enable installation of a conduit or fixing into structures such as bulkheads. They dissipate stresses from the conduit or fixing across a structure. They are bonded on or inserted into a mould.


Stainless steel

This is a marine grade stainless steel called 316L that is highly resistant to corrosion. It contains additional molybdenum providing enhanced resistance to corrosion and it’s low carbon content offers additional resistant to grain boundary carbide precipitation. Additionally its non magnetic austenitic structure gives excellent toughness particularly at cryogenic temperatures.

Mild steel

Our high tensile carbon steel products are made from Manganese Boron (20MnB4.) This is a premium steel ideal for fasteners as characterised by its consistent mechanical properties, homogeneous structure, minimal dimensional tolerances and it’s ease of use in cold forging and welding without cracking or necking. The 35mm and 53mm bases of our carbon steel fasteners are made from CR4 which is ideal for progression pressing.



All threads are metric, measured at the major diameter as per ISO 261. The thread pitch of all our threads is Coarse (metric).

Lightweight applications e.g. attaching ancillary structures.*



Moderate load application.*


Heavyweight applications e.g. connecting body structures.*


*Dependant on other options such as material, base size, AdMax, heat treatment etc

(Stud) Length


All stud lengths are measured from the head of the fastener to the end of the thread. If you add a 35mm or 53mm base to your fixing the available length of thread is decreased by 1.4mm or 1.8mm respectively.





Not all bases are available with all fasteners; larger diameter fasteners require larger bases. Use the product selector for more details.


Compact & effective:

The 11mm, 18mm and 23mm (round) bases are formed directly onto the same piece of metal as the fastener and are the smallest base option we offer. They are designed to be bonded with small quantities of Adhesive. With their concave shape and optional AdMax treatment these compact fixings can outperform larger flat bottomed fixings at a fraction of their cost and weight.

Note that we are soon releasing a range of flat 11mm, 18mm and 23mm bases. Sign up to our newsletter for updates.




The ultimate Spida Fixing:

These larger bases have our unique anti-torsion shape and are concave making them the ultimate base for moulding and bonding with exothermic adhesives such as epoxy.




These bases are flat and have a round edge rather than the castellated anti-torsion shape. Add on our proprietary AdMax treatment and you'll have the perfect fixing for use with acrylic adhesives. It's superior strength also makes this fixing perfect for stud welding.


Hole diameter (on base plate)


Fits an M4 stud*


Fits an M6 stud*


Fits an M8 stud or an M4 standoff*


Fits an M10 stud or an M6 standoff*


Fits an M12 stud or an M8 standoff*


Fits an M10 or M12 standoff*

*Fits Spida studs and standoffs. Other fasteners such as bolts may not fit dependant on pocket diameter and/or method of installation. Check the engineering diagrams (available on request) and see our installation guides for further information.



Only advised for fixings to be welded

AdMax on bottom surface only

Ideal for fixings to be bonded with adhesive. Leaves a shiny surface finish on the top of the base that may be in view to the customer (vanity feature).

AdMax on top and bottom

Ideal for encapsulated fixings such as those put into a mold or laminated over.

Passivation (stainless steel only)


Only advised for fixings to be welded.


Improves corrosion resistance.

Heat treatment (carbon steel only)


Only advised for fixings to be welded.

ISO property class 8.8

Increases a fixing’s tensile strength and hardness

Plating / mineral oil (carbon steel only)


Only advised for fixings to be welded.

Zinc clear heavy trivalent plating

Moderate corrosion resistance. This forms a 8-14 micron thick layer that provides corrosion resistance of 72hrs of salt spray resistance to white rust (corrosion of the Zinc plating) and 240hr to red rust (corrosion of the Iron itself).

Zinc-nickel plating

Ultimate corrosion resistance. This forms an 8 micron layer that provides corrosion resistance of 768 hours to red rust.

Mineral oil

Minimal corrosion resistance. This forms a top coat that prevents rust during shipping, storage, handling and installation. Plating should be selected for a more permanent corrosion resistance.